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Doppelt So Clever

Rezension von Doppelt so clever von Wolfgang Warsch erschienen bei Schmidt Spiele im Jahr Abbildungen vom Spielverlauf und. Alle Doppelt so clever Erweiterungen und Versionen ✓Doppelt so clever Spielanleitung & Review ✓ Ganz schön clever ✓ Nützliche Tipps & mehr auf. Bereits ab 7,69 € ✓ Große Shopvielfalt ✓ Testberichte & Meinungen ✓ | Jetzt Doppelt so clever () günstig kaufen bei

Zusatzblöcke Ganz schön clever / Doppelt so clever / Dizzle

Bereits ab 7,69 € ✓ Große Shopvielfalt ✓ Testberichte & Meinungen ✓ | Jetzt Doppelt so clever () günstig kaufen bei Wofür aber schon noch Platz wäre, sind die Boni, die in der App für alle Neuwürfel- und +1-Boni vergeben werden. Doppelt so clever –. Auf vielfachen Wunsch: Der Doppelt so clever - Ersatzblock zum Nachbestellen! Blatt für doppelt so clevere Spieler! Zum Ende der Bildergalerie springen.

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Doppelt so clever - Brettspiel - Spielwarenmesse 2019

Doppelt so clever ist kein wirklich schlechtes Spiel, aber im Vergleich zu Ganz schön clever der klare Verlierer. PS: Liebe Schmidt Spiele. Die beigelegten Stifte sind eine echte Frechheit. In beiden Spielen laufen Sie aus, beschmieren Hände, Tisch und Kleidung. Doppelt so clever follows the model of 's Ganz schön clever. Each turn the active player rolls six dice, chooses one of them to mark off a space on their scoring grid, places any dice with lower numbers aside, then re-rolls any remaining dice. The white die is a joker and can be used as any one of the other five colors. Clever - games. If you like "Quite clever", you'll love "Twice as clever". Whether you're a highscore hunter with hundreds of played games or just have played a few occasional games, "Twice as clever" offers you new and exciting challenges to master. Of course, there are five new dice categories and bonuses, which make it tricky to find the best moves. Plus, there's the new Return-Action, which gives you all. Twice as a Clever is a roll-n-write game and follow up to the acclaimed That's Pretty Clever. As far as roll-n-write games are concerned, the clever series has everything you could want going on. Doppelt so clever follows the model of 's Ganz schön clever. Each turn the active player rolls six dice, chooses one of them to mark off a space on their scoring grid, places any dice with lower numbers on the side, then re-rolls any remaining dice/5(K). Twice as a Clever is a roll-n-write game and follow up to the acclaimed That's Pretty Clever. As far as roll-n-write games are concerned, the clever series has everything you could want going on. Wer bei Ganz Schön Clever schon die Würfel geschickt und mit viel Ehrgeiz gewählt jedem Wurf darauf gehofft hat, die passende Zahl auf seinen Würfel zu haben. Wer bei Ganz Schön Clever feststellen musste, dass der Einsatz der „Reroll-Aktion“ dann doch nicht so clever war, der wird an dem neuen Spiel Doppelt So Clever eine grosse Menge Spass haben, wird viel Grübeln und vor.

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Das Spiel endet, wenn nach der letzten Runde jeder passive Spieler eine Zahl vom Silbertablett auf seinem Plan eingetragen hat. Zuvor musste dort von links nach recht eingetragen werden. Gestrichen 100 Codes das Feld dann, wenn es benutzt wurde. Durch den einfachen Spielablauf und den Reiz mit den Boni kommt "Doppelt so clever" immer gern auf den Tisch. Schmidt Spiele. Familienspiele. Wer GANZ SCHÖN CLEVER mag, wird DOPPELT SO CLEVER lieben! Noch geschickter und noch cleverer müssen hier die Würfel gewählt. Schmidt Spiele Doppelt so clever, Würfelspiel aus der Serie Klein & Fein, bunt bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für. Mit "Doppelt so clever" legt Wolfgang Warsch nun nach: Neue Aufgaben und neue taktische Möglichkeiten sorgen für anhaltenden Spielspaß! Rezension / Test / Kritik des Würfelspiels DOPPELT SO CLEVER von Wolfgang Warsch – erschienen bei Schmidt Spiele (Erweiterung zu.

When you choose a silver die, you mark off one of the four squares matching the value of the die you took.

However, you do the same for all dice put onto the platter as a result of taking that die. The squares are also colour-coded, meaning putting aside a blue four marks off the blue four square.

Since you ideally want to be putting aside dice each time, being able to reclaim them proves to be quite useful.

The yellow zone is somewhat similar to that of its predecessor, however there are some interesting changes. Taking a yellow die permits marking off a square containing its value, and completing rows and columns gives you a bonus.

However, squares must be marked off twice in order for it to score points. This means that you must decide between bonuses or points as the game progresses.

The blue row requires you to write numbers equal to or lower than the previous number in the row. The further up the row you progress, the more points you earn at the end of the game.

Larger multipliers apply to both numbers as you progress further down the row. For the fourth set, your first number is six and the second is two.

The pink row is the simplest of the zones, however it still has some unique features. Any value can be written in the next available square, but getting bonuses is a little more complex.

Other than these differences, the flow and mechanics of the game are maintained from its predecessor. Foxes are each worth the score of your lowest-scoring zone, and you can now earn a fox by maxing out your re-rolls.

I had studied the aforementioned optimal strategy and strived for perfection. My first score was a soul-crushing sub; it was surprisingly difficult to keep all zones in check.

It was a bittersweet relief, however, this was a sign that I had plenty left to learn. Doppelt So Clever succeeds in being a much more tactical affair.

Focusing on earning foxes for large score bonuses still applies here. That being said, finding a balance between zones is where the challenge lies.

Thankfully, Doppelt So Clever delivers in this regard as well. The uncertainty of not knowing what zones to focus on makes getting bonuses feel more rewarding.

The game works equally well with all player counts. The number of rounds also decreases depending on the number of players, keeping game times consistent.

The dice and score sheets are vibrant, and the game comes with a considerable amount of the latter. However, I suggest laminating four sheets and using markers to ensure infinite replay-ability.

The box doubles as the silver platter also, and you can find a way to fit both games in one box. Despite the extra mechanics, the game still maintains the soul and atmosphere of its predecessor.

Despite both games being completely themeless, engagement levels are surprisingly high here. I find that all players tend to watch eagerly as dice are added to the silver platter.

There is also a sense of encouragement as players discuss the best die to choose for the current situation. All of this is not to say that Doppelt is strictly better than Ganz Schön Clever, of course.

The green section has boxes in pairs, on the left side, you want to put the high number, on the right side you want to put the low number.

You do this because you are going to subtract and the difference between the two is what you are going to score. Your total score in green will be the cumulative differences.

Pink, an exciting new color is an interesting scoring section. There are no requirements for writing numbers in the pink section, and you will score the cumulative points at the end of the game.

You will score every number at the end of the game, but the actions will not have been achieved. The yellow section is a bit different.

When you choose to take a yellow die, or a white die and call it yellow, you are going to mark the corresponding number in the yellow section.

The first time you mark a number, you are going to circle it. The next time you mark that same number in yellow, you will mark it with an X.

So in order to score in yellow, you are going to have to mark numbers twice. Circled numbers in yellow will unlock the actions that you can earn, but will not score points.

When you choose to mark a grey, you take the grey and you will mark the color of your choice for the number of that grey die.

In addition to that you will mark every die you rolled that is lower than that grey die in the grey section in their appropriate box, the white die is still a wild.

Those dice that you just used, other than the grey, go directly to the silver platter and are unavailable to re-roll. Scoring in the grey section is done in rows, you score each row based on how many marks you have in that row.

The actions in Doppelt so Clever are mostly the same. You still have your re-roll action, along with your plus one action.

There is one new action however, the unlock action. The unlock action allows you to return dice that are on the silver platter, back into your available pool of dice to re-roll before you roll the dice.

Another interesting new addition for Doppelt so Clever is that there are now bonuses at the ends of the action tracks. This means if you earn six of any of the different actions, you will gain another bonus, and bonuses are the key.

A four player game lasts four rounds, a three player game goes five rounds, and a solo or two player game will go six rounds.

The player with the highest total points is the most clever one of them all! Nearly forty plays with other people and almost one hundred plays on the app version.

With that many plays you start developing a pattern, and then everyone else playing against you starts developing that same pattern and the game kind of loses its luster.

It becomes more about who can roll the right dice versus finding the right scoring combinations. Luckily for me, Doppelt so Clever has come around and now I have a completely new puzzle to solve.

The game play and flow is exactly the same, but surprisingly with the changes, it manages to feel completely different. Sure you are still rolling dice and choosing one to use, but the new scoring and especially the new ways to score give it a fresh overhaul feel.

Doppelt so Clever is definitely more of a challenge than Ganz , at least it feels that way to me right now. The new ways of scoring points make you feel like you need to plan more than you did previously.

Using the grey die at the right time is kind of tricky, especially early on in the game when you have no access to unlock actions in the game.

Once again, just like in Ganz , the ability to combo bonuses is key, and even sometimes you may want to hold off on scoring or marking something just to set up a bigger combo later, especially when other good options are available.

I wish there were other options for how to make the score pads. Place this and the dice in the center. You can roll in the well and as you roll, you will need to put dice on that tray, which will matter.

This is the last setup step of how to play Twice As Clever before gameplay begins. They roll six dice and go through three rolls to get hopefully at least three different scores marked on their sheet per turn.

The dice rolling mechanic is unique to the clever games. On your first roll you choose one of the six dice to score we go more into this below.

Dice you use are placed temporarily on your score sheet and any dice removed for being lower are put on the silver box tray.

This happens again for your third round. It is supposed to get harder as you go but stop you from getting all the best dice right off the bat.

This is why you might also not get three scores, maybe you are out of dice by round three. To see this in detail see scoring spots explained in the key information spot below.

Each number corresponds to its colored section with the exception of the white die. The white die is wild, to be used for any color, and it also gets added to the blue number whenever that is used, which is key to that particular section.

Figuring out exactly what to take as you learn how to play Twice As Clever is one of those things that just takes experience. They are the 1 Reroll, 2 Return and 2 Double Use.

Read more in the bonus actions explained section below. There is a spot on the top of your sheet to circle these when you get them and X them out when you use them.

A round is completed when all players playing have played once. Keep an eye out as sometimes bonuses are triggered in between rounds.

Learning how to play Twice As Clever is the easy part, knowing what to put down when is the hard part. There are a few complex things to wrap your head around in how to play Twice As Clever, but it is not that bad.

In a 2-player it is four rounds, 3-player is five rounds and 4-player is six rounds. Then add in your fox bonus. The fox is equal to whatever your lowest section score was.

This is why it is important to be diverse and spread out, not just hitting one section hard. High score wins. BLUE — When used you add the value of the blue and white dies together regardless of where they are.

You have to start in the leftmost section of the blue row.

Doppelt So Clever
Doppelt So Clever
Doppelt So Clever New Releases Box Looking for the latest new releases? Learning how to play Twice As Clever is the easy part, knowing what to put down when is Nicht Lustig De hard part. I've Italienische Flagge Bild a few things from Zatu this year, and the prices, service and delivery have been excellent. The blue dice in Doppelt are used just like in Ganz. FOX — One symbol not yet explained is the Fox, a little Bildspielt Mahjong Dimensions cartoonish guy. Every player gets one and a writing utensil the game comes with felt pens. Dean Smart says:. All Rights Reserved. Nfl Lines having the right colored dice handy has made this somehow harder for me to take on. The game is a top-notch roll-n-write board game that Www Jackpot Casino brilliant ingenuity and everything you could want in a game of its type. What caused this sudden trend? After the active player Devisen Broker at most three …. Notify me of new comments via email.

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Doppelt So Clever

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